The Round Delicious Rice Balls, Nayam

Rice Balls
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Nayam is made into a kit so that anyone can easily enjoy the pickled vegetables
rich with Damwoo’s secret recipe! From the beautiful land Goheung, Jeollanam-do,
where the sea is on three sides, products grown with rich sunlight and sea breeze
were made slowly, properly, and correctly with the idea that it is provided to our
family. Try making the rice balls provided with honest ingredients and a sweet,
savory taste!

Nayam Check Point

  1. Into the rice and just in 3 minutes, rice balls loved by children are made!
  2. Goheung namul and seasoned seaweed, together make savory & fragrant taste
  3. Delicious rice ball recipe! Sweet and sour low salt pickled vegetables
  4. Just need the rice! Our child’s nutrient rich snack
  5. A special memory with our children and the round rice balls!

The Reason Nayam is Special

Just put it in rice Snack loved by everyone Rice balls made in just 3 minutes!

Add pickled vegetables, seaweed, and sesame oil with provided natural ingredients into a bowl of rice and just mix them together to complete! Try making the popular and easy Korean snack, rice balls in just 3 minutes!

Ingredients: Pickled Vegetables(Trecle Mustard, Korean Goldenrod), soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, purified water, chili seeds, soju, Wolgye tree leaves, green onion roots, Seaweed, sesame oil



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