Pet Collars Vegetable CORK Leather (Vegan Fashion)

Cork & Cork
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Pet Collars Vegetable CORK Leather (Vegan Fashion)


Pet Collars Vegetable CORK Leather (Vegan Fashion)

1. Vegetable Fabric [Vegan Fashion]

2. Be resistant to Pollution, water-repellent, Scratch!

3. Ethical products for animals and the natural environment.

4. Eco-Friendly / Lightweight / Sustainable/unique natural textures and colors / Antibacterial and deodorizing The moving away from traditional animal skins and focusing on vegan products.

5. Adjustable chest size strap tongs

Our Story

1. This is COPI's own design product manufactured based on numerous experiences with environmentally friendly materials that come from nature.

2. We can use better products without the slaughter of live animals, the use of synthetic leather that causes environmental pollution, and chemical actions.

3. It is an eco-friendly product that is made of materials collected from nature and has excellent quality.

4. There is no absolute reason to use animal skins.

5. Now is the time when ethical consumption is necessary with an eco-friendly product made by intensifying the strength of animal skins and compensating for their weakness.

6. Cork has an antibacterial action by inhibiting bacteria's growth on its own. It is an antibacterial product that can be used hygienically for a long time due to its natural deodorizing effect.

7. Aging, a phenomenon where natural leather absorbs oil and moisture over time to exhibit a heavier color and texture different from the first, can also be shown in wood leather.

8. You can experience the maturation process of bark products.

9. As eco-friendly water-based dyes are used instead of chemical dyes, vivid colors go deep into the wood to express rich colors while preserving the wood’s texture.

10. You can feel the attraction of COPI's special 'vegetable natural product' that changes according to the user's characteristics following the traces of time.

11. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the closest and most familiar to humans than any other material.

12. Anyone can use it with confidence due to the comfort and stability of wood.

13. Bark as light as air! It can be used easily for a long time with a much lighter weight and more minimalistic design than many other existing leather products.

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