Mineral Healing Mist

Mineral Healing Mist
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The Very First Skincare - The Solution for moisturizing and skin soothing right after cleansing

  • Organic, Chemical-free, Preservative-free, and Surfactant-free
  • Clinical trial complete for improved surface and deep skin moisturization
  • Complete a low-stimulation : Epispastic index ‘0’ certified
  • Achieved Excellent score in Derma Test based on strict standards.

The time to determine the moisture of your skin:

  1. 3 seconds after cleansing your face.
  2. After cleansing your face, the moisture in your skin starts to evaporate quickly!
  3. Because of this, the first absorption after cleansing is critical for supplying minerals and moisture!
  4. Achieve full moist and healthy skin from the basics with SKINPRES.T fine moisture particles that penetrate deeply into the skin with Fine Particle Technology.

Ingredients: 100% of Deep Sea Water


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