INERTIA the prism Organic Cotton Pads - Regular absorbency

Organic Cotton Pads
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  1. USA FDA approved
  2. USDA Bio-based certi­fication
  3. OCS – organic blended (international organic certi­fication)
  4. Excellent 5-star clinical test from German Dermatest Clinical test completed under the supervision of Obstetrician and dermatologist

Organic cotton cover, Bio-absorbent technology, Patent, Clinically-tested, Microplastic-Free

- 100% organic cotton cover

- Double absorbent core (Organic cotton & LABOCELL)

To be specific about this LABOCELL absorbent layer, Inertia developed bio-absorbent technology (patent pending) to replace the conventional microplastic absorbent (more well-known as SAP). This bio-absorbent LABOCELL is 100% cellulose which is also derived from natural cotton.

- Sugarcane bio-based film (Backsheet)

- Minimal ingredients for the adhesives (Styrene Block Copolymer).

Also, our pads are clinically tested & approved with 5-star seal from the Dermatest®, so we ensure you our products are hypoallergenic and safe.

  • First-Ever Organic Pads with Revolutionary Absorbency - Our cotton menstrual pads introduce an organic core layer made of Labocell, which absorbs 30% quicker and better than SAP found in other pads. Try the Heavy absorbency Size Pack for heavier days for a soft and comfortable wear all day long.
  • Not All Organic Pads Are Organic - Inertia's natural pads for women are organic through and through - from its core, containing Labocell derived from cotton, to its outermost cover. Certified and named Champion of USDA BioPreferred Program.
  • Not All Organic Pads Are Made for Vaginal Health - Safe ingredients in cotton pads for women are crucial because vaginal tissue is very permeable and a direct route to the reproductive organs. So naturally, our period pads contain NO petroleum-based microplastic, chlorine, fragrance or deodorant.
  • Not All Organic Pads Save the Planet - Our organic feminine pads are made of clean, hypoallergenic ingredients that are also biodegradable and decompose almost 40% in just a month. And every Inertia period pad sold contributes to our donation to the Coral Restoration Foundation.
  • Move Through Period Days with Confidence - Developed and designed by female scientists, Inertia's organic cotton pads are lightweight, flexibly fitting and comfortably soft even during the heavier flow day - all the while providing you the world's safest feminine care.

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