I'm in love Roseheart hand cream


Perfume Hand Cream, Vivid Color, Korean & English Packaging

Hand cream that protects moist on your skin from evaporation.
Rose blossom, Classy cotton, Real flower, Fancy sugar (50ml)

Excellent moisturizing power

Since it has vera leaves extract and chamomile extract, it will protect moist on your skin from evaporation so that you can maintain the moist of your hands.

Soft rose scent

Handcream that makes you want hold your hand for its rich flavor.

Smooth texture

When applied, it is not sticky at all but penetrates naturally.

  • Slogan : Love on Rose
  • Main target : millennial
  • Brand concept : Lovely design, romantic scent
  • Type : Handcream
  • Dimension : 50ml
  • Manufacturing Country : South Korea
  • Paymenet terms : T/T
  • Delivery terms : FOB South Korea

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