Healthy Pickled Vegetables

Pickled Vegetables
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Healthy Pickled Vegetables
Natual sauce made from 12 different kinds of vegatables
A low-salt diet that lowered the sodium content to around 50%
Hesitated eating pickled vegetables due to high sodium? It is no longer a problem!
By addidng the sweet and sour taste to the pickles the food is no longer only
consumed by the elderly!

In the line with changing trend of family, it is possible to select capacity according
to consumer preference.

Low Sodium Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetables

Pickled Chwinamul - It contains only soft and mild Chwinamul to catch the bitter taste and aroma of meat. It is good with cooked meat such as pork and duck since it refreshens the greasy taste.

Pickled Bangpoong-namul - Good to eat in the change of seasons. The unique bitter yet sweet taste and the subtle scent will help stimulate your appetite.

Pickled Gondeure-namul - The soft and crispy Goheung Gondeure has a soft texture with a mouthful of rich flavor which will allow you to enjoy a unique and special taste.

Pickled Amur wallflower - Known to be even more tasty than garlic leaves! With rice, vegetables, pickled vegetables etc., you can feel the mild and subtle sweetness.



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