Green Rules Aster Leaf Shake

Aster Leaf Shake
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Pesticide-free early spring sprouts from Goheung, Jeollanam-do, meet organic sprouting 9

Pesticide-free sprouts are finely ground using an ultra-fine roasting method to blend with the color of sprouts in an optimal ratio.

Mascobado raw sugar adds savory softness and healthy sweetness.

You can enjoy a nutritious and satisfying meal with a single stick that you can easily carry anywhere, anytime.

Other sugar [mascobado cane sugar] 36%, barley [domestic pesticide] 22%, brown rice [domestic pesticide] 14%, white rice [domestic pesticide] 9%, dried juniper [domestic pesticide] 7%, glutinous rice [domestic pesticide] 6%, sprouted colored rice (sprouted brown rice, sprouted brown rice glutinous rice, sprouted red rice, sprouted black rice, sprouted green rice) [domestic organic] 6%

Ingredients: Sugar, barley, brown rice, dried Korean Goldenrod, glutinous rice


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