DAYSYOUNG Cotton Shirt

Cotton Shirt

Art Collabo Fashion Scarf, Handmade, Digital Art Scarf, Luxury Style Women's Scarf

DAYSYOUNG Cotton Shirt

Daysyoung scarf company is opened in Seoul, South Korea.

An Artist, Young Seo design scarves based on her paintings,

By combining the fine paintings with the living art, which design

future-oriented items with her own works by pop art, painting, drawing,

developing differentiated, artistic products of scarcity value.

Daysyoung is henceforward popularizing fine art is commodified, with a classy image,

and is trying to be an infinite, creative space to progress as a medium that connects people and art.

Daysyoung is a unique modern design with main items being scarves and silk, poly,

cotton,wool-silk, and modal fabrics.

We also export clutch bags, eco-bags, and wallet products

and we are concentrating on exporting. Luxurious products of rare value are 100 % Korean products.

The DAYSOUNG brand sells pattern design and art products.

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