Chelec Relaxed Wide Leg Jeans Blue

Relaxed Wide Leg Jeans
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We take great pride in our in-house design process and ethical production
practices in Korea. Our collection of casual wardrobe staples combines highquality
denim with trendy styles, ensuring both comfort and fashion-forward
looks. We are fully aware of the environmental impact of denim production,
including water waste and the use of harmful chemicals during washing. That's
why we have made a commitment to eco-friendly practices. Our denim is
washed using laser and bio methods, which are sustainable and free from
chemicals, resulting in minimal waste water and reduced environmental impact.

Our casual wardrobe staple combines premium quality denim with a trendy
aesthetic, offering both comfort & style. Chelec specializes in denim products and
caters to style-conscious working women aged 18-38 in the creative industry who
value eco-friendliness in their wardrobes. Our products have gained popularity and
are selling quickly in the US through our online platform and our boutique store in
SOHO, NYC. Overall, our focus on ethical production, eco-denim, and customization
options sets us apart in the market and allows us to meet the demands of our
customers and partners effectively.

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