Bibim Namul

Bibim Namul
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Healthy home snacks that can be eaten with peace of mind using only 100% Korean & pesticide-free ingredients Three sides are 100% domestic pesticide-free certified namul, which is healthy and fresh, flavorful and tender, grown in the open field facing the sea breeze in a clean area surrounded by the sea in Goheung farmhouse.[Halal certified vegan namul].

Packed with various mushrooms for deep flavor and nutrition, you can eat healthy namul rice with a variety of healthy mushrooms such as cordyceps, maitake mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms in one pack.

Simply add it to the washed rice without soaking or boiling.

It's simple and easy to prepare, and you can enjoy healthy namul rice all year round.

Gondre, poker, drunkenness [domestic radish pesticide-free] 57%, shiitake mushroom [domestic radish pesticide-free] 28%,
Maitake mushroom [domestic radish pesticide-free] 9%, Cordyceps sinensis [domestic radish pesticide-free] 6%



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