• First things first: here’s a reminder that this summer’s market starts at 10:00am (vs. 9:00am!). By shifting the start time, we’re creating a dynamic and bustling environment from the get-go. Please note that registration will open 1 hour before the Market opens (so, at 9:00am), as per usual.
  • Confirm that your registration is complete! Once you’ve done so, print or take a screenshot of your registration confirmation email. You’ll need that handy QR code when you check in at the Registration Desk at Javits.
  • Target exciting brands you want to meet ahead of market: set up appointments via your Attendee Console.
  • Create your retailer account on Bulletin Wholesale for the full NY NOW experience. This will allow you to not only discover best-in-class brands in person at market, but also online, 365 days a year. 
  • Stock up on business cards.
  • You’ll likely get a NY NOW tote bag at the event, but make sure to bring your own bag regardless, so you can easily carry any catalogs, handouts, and samples. 
  • Review our Market Layout so you’re better able to map out each day!


      • Wear (and bring!) comfortable shoes. We recommend 3 pairs: a comfy shoe (like a sneaker), an elevated flat shoe (like a loafer), and/or maybe a heel if you’re planning to go out in the evening when you leave Javits. 
      • Bring a refillable water bottle and snacks – you won’t be sorry.
      • Review the Market Layout so you’re familiar with what’s what and what’s where.

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