I'm in love Roseheart two tone oil mist
Oil Mist, Setting spray, Refreshing, Facial Mist 1. Oil Mist: If you apply immediately after washing face up and before going out, it will protect your skin from external environment, keep moist with special oil film and enhance the absorption...
I'm in love Roseheart hand cream
Perfume Hand Cream, Vivid Color, Korean & English Packaging Hand cream that protects moist on your skin from evaporation.Rose blossom, Classy cotton, Real flower, Fancy sugar (50ml) Excellent moisturizing power Since it has vera leaves extract and chamomile extract, it...
I'm in love Roseheart pink mask
Unique Design, Korean & English Packaging, Dermatologist Tested Daily brightening - Lovely heart-shaped micro-fiber 90g cotton sheet containing 31g highly-enriched essence combined Ardisia Crispa extract which has whitening effect, vita-complex 10, albumen from egg nourishes and brightens dull skin. Deep...
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