Matt Cross X Shoulder
Matt Cross X Shoulder Lightweight, Useful for outdoor activities. It has in/out pockets useful for travels, festivals, and walks. Very lightweight (220g) Natural shape when worn. 4 colors
Matt Daypack Pocketable
Matt Daypack Pocketable Pocketable, Backpack, Lightweight, Useful for outdoor activities, Nylon Eco backpack that matches well with various outfits Can be folded and stored in a pouch Available as a travel sub-bag and outdoor activities. 3 colors.
Peach Laptop Pouch (13 inch)
Laptop pouch, 13 inches, cotton 13-inch laptop pouchLightweight cushioning material throughout the bodyIn / Outside pockets for organizing items3 colors
iPad Pouch, 11 inch, Cotton 11-inch iPad pouch Lightweight cushioning material throughout the body in/outside pockets for organizing items 4 colors Β 
Convenient, Functional TABLET 11 is a exclusive pouch for a 11 inch tablet. Check out the sturdy and reinforced stiffener that will fully cover the screen and protect every edges and sides of the tablet. It’s designed to store different...
Daily Wallet
Convenient, Functional Daily use wallet pouch + Better Together spring note An attraction of a single pouch in your daily life. Daily Wallet is designed to perform more than just a wallet. You can keep all kinds of credit &...
Heart Laptop 15 Bag
Now, even laptop pouches are eco-friendly. Not only the eco-friendly upcycling fabric, but also the shoulder strap using the safety belt noted for its sturdiness and stable wearing comfort. You can store all kinds of laptop accessories at once and...
Heart Tablet Bag
It is a product of 'better us', the first eco-friendly brand of Wenziday. The eco-friendly recycling tablet pouch which is made of 100% waste materials, stands out its outstanding durability as well as wide variety of usability. From now on,...
Better Together Organizer
Idea oriented design, Durability, High quality, Steady seller Fashionable design, and durability. Brief bag for Out-going business Functional segments for Memo-pad, Note, Card and Pen5 colors line-ups Out-going business organizer Refined trended colors line-up Durable Synthetic leather with suede inner...
Slim Wide Laptop Bag
Idea oriented design, Durability, High quality, Steady seller 100% made in Korea, Made of Water-Proof Coated Synthetic Leather Urban Style Design, 5 colors line-up43.3” long shoulder strapChosen by Pfizer, IBM, MacDonald Capacity up to Apple Mac Pro 15” Double slide...
Pocket Organizer Bichon Frise for iPad
Idea oriented design, Durability, High quality, Steady seller 100% made in Korea, Durable iPad slim bag Embroidery for durability. Doble layer mesh pockets for i-pad and other accessories Wide-open zipper & outside pocket for easy access Synthetic Leather, Metal. Size:...
Brief Bag
Idea oriented design, Durability, High quality, Steady seller 100% made in Korea, Water-Proof Coating, Urban Style Design, HandgripSelected by the Ministry Of Foreign Affair of South Korea Government(MOFA) Capacity up to 13” Mac Pro. Two slides front pockets for accessories...
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