Brightening Calming Mask pack
Upgraded Active Ingredients With Patented 0% Non-irritating Cosmetics That Are Not Hypoallergenic v' Unique Whitening Improvement Solution Anti-aging Improvement Solution Tencel Sheet Made From Natural Eycalptus Tree Extract v' Dermatology Test Completed European Cpnp Commossion FDA,CPNP Natural cosmetics developed by...
Brightening Calming Set
Upgraded active ingredients with patented 0% non-irritating cosmetics that are not hypoallergenic Unique Whitening improvement solution DERMATOLOGY TEST COMPLETED Good for trouble relax FDA OTC APPROVED FDA,CPNP Natural & Healthy Life Special care, reverses skin time. A female scientist who...
Derma Revital Skin Care Set
FDA, CPNP C. wilfordii, a natural oriental medicinal plant. Helps to calm your skin. Whitening effects along with niacinamide. Bioactive reported by research of Dr. J. Kim, CEO of Cosmogen Co., Ltd. Professor Emeritus of Kyung Hee University. Cosmogen Co.,...
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