Silver Wire Ring
Silver, jewelry, ring, layered, stackable, simple, daily  This is a simple and cute ring made of diamond-cut wire.It is available in diameters from 0.8mm to 2.0mm and both plain and cutting wire.You can also give the ring a wave or...
Bead chain jewelry
Jewelry, Handmade, Bead, Luxury, Silver, chain, stones, cute, daily, layered Simple, luxurious design with naturally connected beads with the chain. Beads can use different colors depending on the season, natural stones, CZ or diamonds. Silver, 14K, 18K, rose-gold, yellow gold...
Silver link chain jewelry
Jewelry, Handmade, Adjustable, Bold, Hollow, Link, Luxury, Silver, chain These necklaces and bracelets are handmade chains that connect thick hollow links. The design is bold, but the weight is not very heavy, so it has the advantage of obtaining both...
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