GENIE THE BOTTLE All-Day Hydrating Mask
EVE VEGAN certified Fresh essence type without stickiness Skin calming, pore shrinkage, skin texture improvement Moisture locking system for more moisturizing effect Natural origin triple sheet provides excellent adhesion, absorption, and smooth texture Easy to use – anytime, anywhere ISO...
GENIE THE BOTTLE Magic Cleansing Pad
EVE VEGAN certified Free from 20 harmful ingredients Easy and quick cleansing Provides clean and clear skin with the patented ingredient extracted from Moroccan saffron flowers Hypoallergenic ingredients for exfoliation – the perfect healthy cleanser for your skin ISO 22716,...
GENIE THE BOTTLE Vitamin B12 Bubble Cleanser
PETA certified cruelty free Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) 7 different natural originated plant ingredients ISO 22716, FDA approved Contains essential minerals Enhances the skin complexion and vitality Controls sebum and soothes skin Mild on skin, strong against wastes Exfoliation care with...
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